Pine cone hangs from a branch in the still, cold night. Gouache painting on paper.

Art Heals Me

Art heals me.

Sometimes a single year in many just keeps coming at you. 2022 has been that year for me. Our family has experienced surgeries, accidents, distance, great joy, laughs and a good measure of adversity.

My daughter departed this summer, after consecutive Covid-related delays, to serve with Peace Corps Uganda. My son and his partner traverse the world with jobs and great adventures. A bit of my heart goes with them all. My husband is a steady and loving port in the storm.

Early December I will have surgery on my back to quell what has been a decades-long chronic problem, and, more recently, acute pain. Through most of this time I've remained physically active, practicing yoga and 'Jazzercising.' When suddenly and abruptly those things were no longer possible, I knew it was time for surgery.

And, as the world and our country shudder with violence and uncertainty, weather events and need, my ruminating mind can get the best of me.

Art prevails. Painting always calms my mind. If I can't stand at my easel or sit at my desk, I work from my 'recliner station.' I am fiercely committed to putting hope and joy, comfort and beauty into the universe, by way of a kind word, a listening heart art.

Art heals me. I hope my art heals you too.

To you and yours, I send most sincere wishes for peace and joy and good health this holiday season.

Laura King




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