Emily Said It had to Be Stranger Things

Emily Said It had to Be Stranger Things

Emily and I had a blast painting together this year! We sorted through lots of subjects before we chose her favorite, Stranger Things. From the start she knew she wanted to paint the moody Vecna's mind lair from the series...to be auctioned at Art for Arthritis KC 2023.

Week after week we added layers of reds and grays and blacks to two canvases using all kinds of tools: fuzzy house paint brushes, cardboard, various sponges, artist brushes, popsicle sticks and a homemade stencil. My very favorite parts of the paintings are the gray marks Emily added with popsicle sticks to create fragments of the house ruins from Vecna's mind. Look closely to find them! Oh, and we always listened to the Stranger Things soundtrack while we made art, played with Tigger and Garfield (my aging-but-interested cats) and sometimes painted our own hands.

Emily amazes me. Her zest for life, quick wit, huge vocabulary and insatiable curiosity swirl around her. We had such fun. I’m grateful Art for Arthritis reunited us this year and we were able to help in the long steady road to curing this disease.

Cheers to Emily!

Laura King

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