Laura King Fine Arts 1st Anniversary!

Laura King Fine Arts 1st Anniversary!

(Originally published July 10, 2021)

In July 2020 I launched Laura King Fine Arts site & online shop. Not even three years ago did I dream I’d be celebrating my 1st anniversary with you!

I’m so grateful to all of you who discovered my art, enjoyed browsing and, most especially, to those of you who have chosen to give space to my paintings in your homes. Here’s to another year of growth, observing this beautiful world, painting it and sharing with you! 

Lessons learned launching my art business during a worldwide pandemic:

1. ‘Making’ calms my mind and helps me cope with the world at large - more now than ever.

2. Painting gives me the unique opportunity to bring you beauty, joy, solace from miles away.

3. Ad-libbing, riffing, innovating, improvising, bouncing back are good for the body, mind and soul.

4. If you have a dream, for goodness’ sake, go for it. Resist the chorus in your head citing all the reasons ‘it’ is impossible. Do It!

I Did It...and I did it my way! You can too.

Laura King

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Lord, how I miss you. Reading your story and seeing your art gives me goosebumps, and that I have two of your originals, both hang on my walls where I can see them everyday. Your eye for all things beautiful, delightful, real and surreal astounds me. 🥰🐻❤️


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