My Journey to Abstraction

My Journey to Abstraction

2024 marks my Journey to Abstraction and I'm so excited!

Doodling, splashing, scraping, smooshing, dripping, schmearing, plastering...

...watercolor, acrylic, ink, gouache, charcoal, crayon, graphite, colored pencil, oil pastel...

...paper, cardboard, canvas, panel, sketchbooks and scraps.

Playing. Loving it.

I'm whittling my art down to its essence, to materials, and I'm starting from scratch. I can't wait to see what happens. Join me for the ride! Visit my website often this year to see my new art. Join the fun!

Up First:

Lineage Series: Painting Poems

 Paintings 1-8 are on exhibit now at


'I wanted things that at times I couldn't articulate.' - Helen Frankenthaler

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