The Deep Dive

The Deep Dive

(Originally published July 9, 2020)

These are my passions: family, painting, Jazzercise, yoga & the sea. When I was a little girl I dreamed of painting & dancing. I've always wanted to make things.

My painting degree morphed into a career in art business. I spent a busy decade in DC working in arts spaces & publications for other artists. Always, the voice in my head said paint paint paint.

Catapulted from my east coast roots to the midwest, I spent twenty-plus heart-full years devoted to raising my kids: leap-frogging from school to sports to concerts, through meals & chats & struggles & hugs. Along the way we started our family business King Hagen Lawn Care. Still, the voice in my head said paint paint paint.

So for the second half of my life I am a painter. I offer up beauty and stillness to this chaotic, sometimes contentious, uncertain world. My paintings are moments captured: isolation, melancholy, whimsy, sometimes joy, hopefully peace. And, for you, maybe they’ll reflect your day or spark a memory or compel deep feeling.

Please wander through my Shop, take your time and come back often to see what’s new.

Thank you for spending time with my art! Stay safe.

Laura King

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